Why Do We Buy?

I'm obviously a shoe addict. I buy shoes on an almost weekly basis and my shoe "closet" is overflowing with shoes... I know that sounds great but it's really getting ridiculous. I think I may have a problem.

I was shopping this week and trying on a really awesome pair of glittery sky high Louboutins and was about to buy them when my friend, a sales associate at the boutique, casually asked "What are you buying them for?"


What did she mean? I was buying them cause I wanted them! Did I need a specific reason? Do people buy shoes for a purpose other than having a fabulous pair of shoes? This may sound totally silly but I think this just hit me- I buy shoes without actually thinking about when/where I'm going to wear them. It never occurred to me that I was doing this but when I actually think about it, I feel like a total ass.

I blame my job. As a shoe designer we're constantly shopping, or as we like to call it- it "researching". We have to be on top of all the current trends and know all the hot shoes, but a side affect of that is, of course, wanting shoes for ourselves.  I've gotten to the point where I find myself buying shoes just to have them. If I used this "where are you going to wear them" logic, I bet I'd have about half the shoes I have.

Some examples?
Well, these DSquared spine heels are a great example. Where can I wear these? I wore them a couple of times so far. Once to the mall just to show them to all my friends (I'm a total mall rat if you didn't know) and another time or two to I forget where. They're high and fragile and not exactly comfortable, but they're works of art!

Another pair I just had to have? These Fendi Cinderella shoes. I wore them once to the Emmys last year and they were painfully uncomfortable so I never wore them again. But gosh they're beautiful...

Ok, one more! These boots that I just HAD to have. But again, I didn't think about where I'd wear them. I mean, they're suede! I'm terrified to wear them in case I ruin them... but boy are they pretty.

I could go on and on and on. I've decided to clean and organize my shoes and really look at what I have. I need to make an effort to buy more consciously!! I know that doesn't sound like much fun but If I don't slow down my shoes are going to take over our house! Look at this room- it's crazy. I'm like a shoe hoarder!

WHAT A MESS! I'll post an after photo as soon as I get it under control ;)

What about you? Do you think before you buy?? Do you always have a plan before you shop or are you guilty of impulse buying too?



Poochie said...

I 100% resemble this post. Sadly I've done the same (especially with my pair of Fendi Cinderellas) and am trying to be more mindful. Of course this month I've bought a few pairs. Some I really had been pining for and some I bought because I was trying to accomplish something. Some I regret now even though they are stunningly beautiful.

Maybe we need a 12 step program or something.


Call me M said...

You have such a nice shoe closet. Many women would envy you for having so many shoes! :P
I guess it's part of being a shoe designer as you said...If you can afford them, then it's ok, you don't have to worry. You can see them as a work of art, wear them a few times, then keep them somewhere to look at them.
Of course not anyone is capable of byuing as many shoes as he would want, because not anyone could afford that many. If you don't have that much money to spend on shoes, then of course you consider whether or not to buy another pair, and when/where you're going to wear them.
But, it's your money and you can spend them wherever you want to. And as I said before, many women would want to have your shoe closet. After all, we're women! We can never have too many shoes :)

Vivian said...

OMG.. I want a closet like that someday..only filled with size 11 shoes...how is work going with your shoe line?? That must be so exciting. Best of luck to you. BTW..the shoes with the bone heels were so fierce.

Pearl Westwood said...

Guilty as charged, I keep all my shoes in their boxes so I have all these shoe box towers all over the place, they wabble precariously if you move past them too fast! I bought one pair of shoes because I thought they would make great wedding shoes - I dont even have a boyfriend LOL! But other than show them off on my blog some of the shoes have never left the house I admit!

Aisling Sara said...

Oh my goodness your shoe shelves are beautiful, I hope one day I can have something similar, I am a ridiculous shoe addict.
I also keep things in boxes though so I forget what I have, and also to hide them from my dad so he can't see that I've bought more. I buy everything in black though so it doesn't matter where I'm going or what I'm doing, something will always go.

Shopping as researching. I like that.

Shermika said...

I must admit that I buy shoes without often having a purpose for them. Many shoes I have not worn, but alas I am a shoe lover...er um addict.

Brige said...

Oh man, I'm the same way. I have a lot of shoes, definitely more handbags than I need, but where I really look insane is my clothing. I have a walk-in closet - broke one of the rods in it with too many heavy items on it, three bags of clothes I cannot hang nor part with, a chest of drawers filled to the brim, and today I bought more. My mother, who was shopping with me, said, "I do actually think what you bought is cute - but I'm not quite sure why you bought more when you cannot even store what you have." at that comment, I just froze. Why am I buying these things? I know that so many pieces I see are so inspiring I feel like I need to own them, and sometimes just a picture of something beautiful works....but why did I spend money on more today? Why am I constantly searching sites and stores with nothing particular in mind to buy?

I've recently attempted to organize my closet with the MyStyle app for my iPhone. You take pictures of everything you own and with those pictures you can see what you might need as well as if you have too many of one type of item...which I clearly do.

I'm hoping this app will help me figure out if I already own something satisfyingly similar before I buy a duplicate, as well as store pictures of "wishlist" items and where to buy them so that I can think about items for a day or two to see how I would realistically work a piece into my wardrobe rather than just getting it and coming home with nothing that works with it. (run-on, sorry!)

Anyway, something similar to that app may help you too. :) it's really cool!

Georgia Louise said...

HEYA! Love your blog, it's a real inspiration! Fantastic! The shoes... there are no words... I adore it! Im a newbie to the blogging world (have been blogging for a few months now), trying to gain a following and thought you may be interested? please feel free to follow me, i'd LOVE IT! Thankyou for your time and keep up the fantastic work! xxx

Ms. Keeli said...

wowsers! I can't wait to see the after pics =)


professionaldawn said...

Step One: Admit that you are a shoe "hoarder" (or "collector" if that makes you feel better!).

Step Two: Have someone help you sort through your hoard, er, I mean closet and remove all the shoes you haven't worn in a year.

Step Three: Get a friend (or intern!) to help you post your shoes on Etsy, eBay, whatev.

Step Four: Keep us posted. You rock!

Kate said...

I have the same problem as you, except more shoes than you on a smaller 'per shoe' budget, I have probably about 275 pairs at the moment and I dont see any signs of me stopping, the price range is $15.00 AUD to $250.00 AUD but still... why do I need so many and like you, I don't plan 'wears' for these shoes, I just love them.. Can't we just love them.

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

As clichéd as it might sound, i'd rather buy a basic pair of shoes for all the poor people who couldnt afford to buy even that (if i had that much money), than own 200 pairs myself... What would i do owning so many shoes? I currently have only 19 pairs and i create great outfits with them. I can totally afford to buy one pair every week for the rest of my life (not boasting) but i choose not to. Coz its meaningless to me. I'd rather be doing something more useful with all that money.

Anyway thats just my way of thinking :)

Mala Sa Jadrana said...

great post. I agree with you 100% i have that problem too. I don't quite have a "collection" of shoes as you do im somewhere in the 40's lol but I buy them if they look awesome. ill wear them once or twice and if they are hurting they will just be there for decoration purposes. I need to ask myself next time the same question. Do i need them? where will I wear them? I would def love to come to your house and organize these. I'm such a freak when it comes to organization. has to be perfect -_-

Take care doll


Topánka said...

Shoe addicts unite! I totally agree and have the same problem. Thought a lot about the solution, one option is selling my collection - oh, that would be terrible! The second is to move to a bigger house :)))

sadie said...

well, I am a mum and housewife, so really have no reason to buy so many shoes. But. Shoes are my addiction, and my treat. I don't do anything particularly 'bad' and I rarely - if ever - go out. But on a Saturday morning, when I do the weekly shop, I do it in fabulous heels. Yes, my little trotters are usually killing me by the end of it, but I don't care. for an hour and a half each week I feel glamorous. Normally I'm washing and ironing, picking up after people and walking to and from school. All of which needs 'sensible' footwear.

I don't buy shoes as often as I would like, but when I see some that I have to have, well, I have to have them. I don't own Louboutins (I could weep), but I do own a pair of Jimmy Choos. My cherished choos. The rest of my heels are simply shoes I fell in love with and couldn't resist. I never think of where or when I'll wear them, but I know that I will.
The supermarket aisle is my runway!

I have a pair of shoes that I've never worn. I squished my toots in them in the shop and got the cold sweat that said 'buy, buy, buy'. So I did. I had them on display under a cloche for a while. The beautiful but evil shoes I could not wear!

I've also got a daugher. She's nearly 5, but imagine when she's older and she's able to rummage in my wardrobe! She's going to love her mama!

so I understand why you buy your shoes. And I just love your shoe closet.

Hooked on Shoes said...

"The supermarket aisle is my runway!" (love it!)

I too have a lot of shoes, still just under a 100 pairs I'd think, even if they're a lot cheaper than all the designer pairs that you have and I can only dream about. Keep that in mind: all of us are just drooling over your collection.

I do feel that you need to wear the shoes you actually own, which is why I'm taking part in Shoeperwoman's shoe challenge (you can find a link on my blog). Basically you have to wear all your shoes within the year, and document proof by taking pictures. The ones you haven't worn, well, they're leaving your collection. Donate them, sell them, etc.

It sounds confronting, but it has helped me in great ways so far. So what if I look a bit ridiculous wearing 13cm vamp red stilettos to work? So what if people stare at my feet when I'm walking down the street. Like Sadie said, YOU decide wherever your runway is, and those shoes deserve to be worn!

Fel said...

Love your blog! And oh my goodness, I adore your shoes collection, each and everyone of them is so gorgeous! lucky you :) xx

MsVeve said...

I buy shoes all the time cause I LOVE shoes. It brightens my day. and some are ridiculously unwearable due to hieght or material but I just had to have them. Currently I'm doing a shoe challenge to see if I can wear all my shoes in the time span of 1 year. So far I've worn 110 pairs of shoes!:) It's fun and you get to wear shoes you can hardly remember owning! (all in all I have a bit over 160 pairs of shoes)

Hannah said...

Buying stuff makes us feel good. They've done many studies and they all point to a spike in oxytocin or seratonin (or whatever the feel good brain chemicals are) when you shop :P. I just wrote a post about ULTRA's new collection of 10 pieces of clothing made to be worn a year. The idea is to promote sustainability. You can check out the collection here: http://www.weareultra.com/. I'm not sure I could do it, even though I don't have a lot of clothes to start with.

I'm attracted to bright, shiny, and colorful things, I can't help it. The natural extension of that is to buy it so I can have it all the time. My lifestyle doesn't really permit this, but the urge never has gone away.

mrpnd said...

First of all, I'm totally jealous of your lovely collection <3
Altho yup.. they do have a point. We don't even get to use them all.. But.. but.. they're so pretty!! D: I just adore your dsquared and fendis <3
Well, I'm a student so I don't really get to splurge that often.. but I sometimes I could relate. I just have this sudden impulse to buy things just because they look so nice.. life *le sigh*

Anonymous said...

Hey some collect stamps, coins, old books, dolls.... I collect shoes!! SO what if I don't wear them as much as I should. I will continue to grow my collection.

I'll never have enough shoes

Anonymous said...

I'm currently up to about 300 and still going. I didn't know you needed a reason to buy shoes. I once bought 15 pairs in one day.

Louise LeMans said...

I used to be a lot worse. I do some pinup modeling, and some of it is for products and some is for fun, meaning, I provide wardrobe...which is an excuse to SHOP.

I've backed off though, I am more thoughtful and I don't put myself in situations where I will be tempted to spend. Which sometimes means forcing friends to do social activities OTHER THAN shopping.

I think what REALLY did it for me was the fact I got married in March and we paid for a lot of the wedding ourselves which meant I had to prioritize. Now, there are other things I want, like a new comfortable desk chair (for blogging!) and to save for things like a new car eventually. Not nearly as glamorous or fun as a new pair of shoes, but they will (ideally) last me longer than the stiletto I ruin when I step in the wrong spot on the sidewalk!

Anonymous said...

Well, you have a great collection. If you decide to get rid of any, my wife is a us. 9, (Eur 40), and would probably kill for any single pair that is in your closet!

Amelia said...

I started keeping a picture database of my shoes online so that I can remind myself of similar shoes I already have. I started when I got home one day and realized that I had just bought my third pair of "classic" brown wedges. So now I always ask myself, do I have something already that is too similar to these? I don't care if I have an event or not for my shoes - one will come along sooner or later. Just as long as every pair is special.

I wish someone would invent an app where I could store, categorize, title, and leave comments for my database of shoe pictures. And it should be searchable too!

talktomyshoes said...

At last!!! Someone else who believes you don't need a reason or occasion to buy a pair of shoes. It drives me nuts when salesmen ask me that question. I am certainly an impulse buyer, and those purchases are always the best ones.
Looking forward to following your blog!!


p.s- your show room is simply an inspiration.

william said...

If it makes you happy and you aren't putting yourself into debt it's hardly any different from a man buying a fancy car or boat.

MelADramatic Mommy said...

Delurking to say your closet is the stuff my dreams are made of@

Luvvie said...

*looks at your shoe closet* I once was lost, but now I'm found! *bows low*

Anonymous said...

First i would like to say that shopping frequently is not a bad thing, according to me it is a hobby for one and most of all anyone will shopping frequently if she sees this type of design.
I really appreciate the innovative and creative effort of the designer.
also thank to the author to share this type of experience with us

Alia said...

I thought you might like my latest post on shoes. Come have a look at:


The Girl in the Shoes said...

The skeleton heel is sick! I love, love,love it!

Topánka said...

btw some are copying your posts pictures, you might want to use watermarks :S

Anonymous said...

I wish you were my girlfriend. It would be so nice to come back home for a woman with such great taste.

Judy said...

I definitely buy just to have. I don't buy for 'occasions' because that limits what you wear it to mentally. Which is lame. I like being a 'collector' ;).

Tiffany said...

I only have about 30 pairs of heels or wedges, and a some of them only get worn once a year. I wear a size 10 so if I see a good pair and I have the money I'll just get them. The problem is usually that I don't have clothes to go with them! It might take me a while but they do get put to use. I love shopping and expressing myself through my clothes and shoes. I'll never get it up. I probably would have got those shoes. Something will come up later!

shoe-radar.com said...

I have the Dsquared spinal heels with the strap not yours though and I love mine I have wore them 3 times and every single time I get all eyes on me I didn't buy thm for anything specific I just knew I loved them and I love the attention they get so buy on sistah!

fede said...

i never buy thinking where i will wear theese shoes, i just buy because i love them that's all....as you i have a lot of shoes that i wore once or even never!!!! and i really don't know were to put them all, i have boxes of shoes all over the house even uder the bed....what's a problem!

brittany said...

I think being shoe lovers, we should buy shoes because we love them, because they make us happy, & because they are just so damn fabulous! i dont think we should have or need any reason to buy them. people dont understand why i love shoes as much as i do, but i just think of it as, shoes are what makes me happy. i can see a fabulous pair of shoes and instantly feel better! Thats why i love your blog so much, YOU UNDERSTAND SHOE ADDICTION! :]! I could never look at my shoe closet and say..."i have too many", YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY SHOES!

buy shoes because you love shoes! you are fabulous <3


Anonymous said...

I only allow myself 1 pair a month. I will only get an extra pair if it is for a special occasion or something last minute where I need throw something together

Safa said...

I hope you would not stop buying or sharing those beauties with us. They are real good and they look perfect on you...

Keep posting...

EB said...

You know what though? If I only bought "wearable" shoes I'd literally have two pairs. Every single other pair of shoes I own were ridiculously expensive, impractical, and uncomfortable - but I love them! They are show pieces.
Even if I only ever wear most of them a few times - so what? They are incredible little sculptures. I work 60+ hours a week (and I would imagine you do too), I've earned it!

My advice to you - look for a bigger place! ;)

www.majormusthaves.com said...

Whatever it may be you have great taste in shoes and I'll buy a couple pairs from you if you ever wanted to sell. You never miss a beat!

Anonymous said...


FatToLean said...

I own these...
1. really uncomfy the gems dig in
2. Coral pin..I have nothing to wear with them.
3. I have no venue to wear them.
4. They are like Barbie personality which I'm not

that said maybe I should buy a greek plinthe and mount them

Vikki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vikki said...

I love your shoe collection! I buy shoes only if they can whisper my name across a crowded room. Sometimes I have a reason, sometimes not. ;)


DailyGlamour said...

that's amazing shoes !
loves it


CLPig said...

Nice post!. love the spine heels, simply amazing!

Pigalle Passions
The biggest Pigalle Spotter site in the world

Beauty Passionista said...

Love this post and love your collection of shoes - all beautifu and I'm sure they all tell a story.

I'm far to frightened of putting ALL my shoes in one room, for fear of finding out how many I really have! At present they are squatting in five different rooms, and they're spilling out from there too! But your post has inspired me to go through all of mine.... slowly!

Thanks so much

POKEMON said...

NICE…. ^_^v…..

.. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) ..

Anonymous said...

If you love them - buy them!
If they are comfortable - buy them!
If you can afford them - buy them!
If you wear them - buy them!
If you need them - buy them!
If you have space for them - buy them!

But if you don´t - Don´t!

xo, lady Z

Diane said...

Such a great post i really envy you of your shoe collection but i can totally see your point i also see shoes as a piece of art that has to full up my room and just buy them for the reason i have to have them. But dont kmow why exactly.. They are just beautifull and it's nice to have some choice in shoes every day.

Anonymous said...

We are shoe lovers and must suffer a bit for our love. People always ask how many pairs I have and for years (no matter how many I buy) I say 80. I think this is a sign of addiction.
Like others who've commented, I keep them in shoe boxes and in a couple different rooms, under the beds, etc. Currently, I'm on a 'shoe diet' proposed by my bf. Last year I only bought one pair and was given another pair. That went surprisingly well, but this year hasn't gone as well.
In your case, the ones that are (painful but beautiful) pieces of art should be displayed to be enjoyed.
PS. Thanks for saying the spinal ones hurt. I still dream of those! They are seriously amazing!

chipsHH said...

Like, wow... that is my Dream Closet there. But, as a guy, I can only have a tenth of that closet in my lifetime, lol

Still... sooo lucky to be able to buy designers like those. I'm jealous!

Ezra Hilary Ceniza said...

I always thought that people with shoe closets only exists in a celebrity lifestyle. Then I saw your blog, I was freakin amazed with the collection you have. I wanted to have a closet like yours someday :)

please visit my blog if you have spare time :)

Cat said...

I'm completly an impulse buyer. I don't buy shoes for anything. I tried to buy shoes for my wedding, and instead ended up with three different pairs and bought the ones I actually wore two days out. Even if you only wear them once shoes are like wearable art. They don't have to be comfy or even totally functional as long as they look good. If they serve a function, that's a bonus, but looks are always the only thing I consider when I buy.

Imani Ayat said...

I'm seriously in the same situation. I have pairs that I have worn once or just buy to admire and walk around the house in. I just love the way they look sometimes because I believe shoes are pieces of wearable art. I put my shoe hoarding under control i usually try to sell off or give away a couple of pairs to friends or people that are interested. Like you I usually buy a pair or two a week/month. I have tried to put it under control by taking pictures of all my shoes and have them stored in my iphone so that when I go out to shop if I find a shoe I really really want to buy I compare it to my shoe collection to see if I have anything similar. Sometimes I give myself shoe goals by treating myself to a pair of shoes every three months.

I have to admit I really really love your shoe posts and admire your collection.

Karla said...

Guilty as charged!

I have been trying really hard to stop this bad habit and just enjoy the things that I do have in my closet. This of course is easier said than done. As a style blogger I find myself using what I already have. But too often as a consumer bombarded by e-mails and ads, I always find something that I "need" or don't currently have in my wardrobe.
I think this will continue to happen no matter what but we just have to learn to not be so compulsive. It's definitely a work in progress.

All of your shoes are lovely!

shabnam said...

You look fabulous!! Your styles are cool! love your blog.

Annette said...

shoe hoarder! or not your collection is fierce!! I bet you wear some more then others. Those Fendi Cinderella shoes are sexy. Please do try to wear them more often.

It's easy to get obsessive over shoes, bags and clothes in general but most defo have a reason to purchase then to antically buy them for the sake of it.

Jules said...

I am just like you. I have over 100 pairs of shoes and many of them are brand new, never worn. I buy shoes because I love them, want them, have to have them! Instead of trying to stop myself from buying (that will be VERY hard) I decided to start this new thing where I HAVE TO wear every single pair. I am trying to find a way to put them on display so that I actually see them. That is the problem, I just forget about them. If I had enough money to buy those DSquared shoes I would too. They ARE works of art.

Shoes and Jules

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