YAY Heels.com!

My favorite shoe website, heels.com just got their shipment of Harajuku Lovers in and they look great! They got my favorite shoes and now, so can you! Free 2nd day shipping too! Woo woo! 
I love buying shoes online. It's like you get a little present sent to you in a wrapped up package, and even though you know what it is, it's still so exciting every time! 

I'm so excited to see them up online. I hope they do well!! It's really exciting to see what I worked so hard on, what seems like so long ago. I mean, I'm already working on Spring 2010.

Anyway, check them out and don't be afraid to tell me what you think. I'd love to know.


ShoeZQ said...

Yay I was just trolling heels.com before I checked your blog and spied your shoes were up. I was so inspired they're the feature for tomorrows post. Be sure to check it out!

shoebox said...

I will check them out immediately :)

- http://myshoebox.se

What Not & I said...

It must be so amazing to see shoes that started off as sketches go through the production process and end up in stores and online!

They look fab - I especially love the label wedge - the rope detailing is so adorable, and the contrast wedge / platform on Luke (esp. in pink).

I've just started a shoe design course, and I've started to post sketches and what I've made in class on the blog - I would love it if you stopped by and let me know what you think!


WendyB said...


The Fashion Pinko said...

I LOVE the label wedge! I want to get them for my sister.

Anyway, congratulations!

Also, question: how does the sizing run on these?

Saraa said...

Congratulations =) my fav is the red one! sooo cool!


Anonymous said...

Celine!!! I really like the the Harajukus that you posted on 2-9-09..The brass plums? Where the heck can I find these???!!! I LOVE the color!!!! Ive called every Macy's in AZ...Please let me know!!! And I just ordered the Luke's in Salmon!! YAY!!! Such a fan!!! Go girl!!

Kayla said...

Congratulations! I'm so excited to be able to access some of your great designs!

P.S. http://agirlsguidetoshoes.blogspot.com/ this afternoon had a great little piece about your line being in heels.com!!

mira said...

congrats:) lovz the flats.

btw,heidi montague is a hag.her shoes wont sell worth horse stinky poo.anyone that does do her shoes will lose all street cred.so hooray for u!

Nina (femme rationale) said...

i love ordering shoes online, too. so exciting when they arrive at your door step. and i'm loving the b/w espadrilles in the 2nd row.

Igotloveonmy4head said...

They are all so gorgeous!
You are very talented!
Will be either ordering online or finding them in stores SOON.

TheShoeGirl said...

Thank you guys so much!! You're all so sweet. :)

TFP- They run pretty true to size. I'm an 8 1/2 in them... thats my normal size

ANON- Those shoes are at Macy's I think. They may not have shipped yet?

Nina- those are one of my faves!

Designer Shoes Lover said...

Congrats Celine. It's obvious that you poured a lot of work and creativity into this line. It must be very rewarding to seem them showcased at heels.com .



babyd0ll said...

I feel like the first three shoes would look horrible on bigger feet! However, I would definitely be trying on the Luke & Lester's when I make it to the store - those are lovely especially that Salmon on the Luke's.

disa said...

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